Artist Statement

What created the passion for exploration and creation within Kimberly?
There is no easy answer.
That she strongly identifies with having been born in Hawaii and then dividing her formative years between Hawaii & then California is one aspect. 
Attending college in California & receiving a Bachelor's in International Business is another.
A desire for direction following her degree had her returning to school the very next semester, where she started on her path into the world of art.
A few years later, Kimberly decided to go on a semester abroad in Italy.
She felt so at home in Florence that she immediately set in motion a second semester abroad, which then led to two years of the study of Buon (or true) Fresco in Italy.
Soon after that, Aloha Tuscany was created.
Kimberly held a passion for art, but was in search of the how and why.
She discovered via a Master's in Art Therapy that she was able to combine both her passion for creating art and for learning through the study of psychology as it applied to Art Therapy.
Three years later, Kimberly earned a Master's in Art Therapy & created Aloha Art Therapy.
She has divided her time between Hawaii and Italy since that original semester abroad in 1998.
A few years ago, she rediscovered Encaustic & has been delving deep into wax ever since.
Kimberly created this website and a blog to document & share in her quest...